• What Martial Arts Can Teach Us About Yoga

    The practices of yoga and martial arts have more in common than we actually do realize. Both of this 2 activities shares a few common traits which are mindfulness, awareness, and consciousness, both being done on the mat, and in life. If we do not consider that martial arts is more than sport, fighting, or …

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  • Aerial Yoga Vs Aerial Silks

    Photo Credit to sacredsoundsyoga A question that is very commonly asked is, “What sets Aerial Yoga apart from Aerial Silks?”. Today we would like to cover the difference between both of them and to highlight the difference as well as benefits for each. The faster and best way to tell how different both are, is …

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  • Benefits of Using TPE Mats

    Most yoga mats available out there are made out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a man-made material that is pretty durable but not biodegradable which isn’t very good for the environment. Many yogis have valid concerns about the environmental effects of the process on how PVC is being manufactured and about its safety for personal usage. …

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  • How to know whether to join a Yoga Studio or a Gym to keep Fit

    Yoga is one of the methods for keeping fit, it is practiced by many, it could be a hobby, maintaining a good posture or even as a form of exercise to promote weight loss. One of the best ways to learn and practice yoga safely is to find a good teacher or a place that …

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  • Different types of yoga for you to practice

    There are many different kinds of Yoga to choose from but today we will be covering the more popular choices. They are   -Hatha Yoga -Hot Yoga -Ashtanga Yoga   Hatha Yoga means forceful in Sanskrit and it was one of the supposedly forceful yoga in the 12th century where other forms of yoga were …

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  • Why do people practice Yoga?

    There are many reasons why people practice yoga, some to be more flexible, some to destress and some to improve their posture or help with back aches. The great thing about yoga is that there are some truth in what it can do to help your body. It can help with perfecting your posture and …

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